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Understanding Adjusted Basis in Taxes

Are you doing taxes, and stuck trying to figure out the adjusted basis of your property? Read on....(more)

When are State Income Tax Refunds Taxable?

State income tax refunds are a huge source of confusion. Sometimes they are taxable and sometimes they are not. This article tells you everything you need to know....(more)

Your Income is Taxable, Unless It's Not

As they say, two things in life are certain: death and taxes. This article explains a fundamental principle in federal income taxation: that all income is taxable, unless the IRS specifically says that it is not....(more)

10 Deductible Expenses for Your Rental Property

If you own a rental property, you are well aware of the many costs and expenses that arise as part of running the property. Here's a quick guide to what's deductible....(more)


What is Operating Leverage and How Do You Take Advantage of it?

Operating leverage allows a company to squeeze more profit out of its revenues. However, it has a dark side. Operating leverage can also increase a company's risk of losses. Here's everything you need to know....(more)

How Do You Compute Payback Period?

The payback method of capital budgeting estimates how long it will take for an investment to pay for itself. This article explains how to compute payback period....(more)

Why Use a Spreadsheet?

This article explains why every business person needs to have strong spreadsheet skills....(more)


10 Objectives for Your New Accounting Software

Thinking of installing and setting up a new accounting software system? Here are some objectives to think about as you make your choices....(more)

10 Kinds of Attacks on your Accounting Computer System

This article describes typical security dangers to computer accounting software. ...(more)

8 Common Enterprise Resource Planning Modules

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrates the software needs of all of a company's operations. This makes it easier for the different parts of a company to work together. This article explains different modules commonly featured in ERP systems....(more)

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